Just When She Thought The Bitchiness Was Waning

It had been rather calm in the bitch’s life as of late. Some people may even call it boring, although this bitch is never bored. Personally, she considered herself very content because her house was back to normal after a year of insurance claims and repairs. She didn’t mind that this calm state didn’t produce much in the way of blog fodder. It’s tough to write a bitchy blog when there is nothing to bitch about, but really it was such a nice state to be in.

Of course nothing lasts forever and that calm state recently blew apart. 

It began with a phone call from the bitch’s ancient mother, a woman who resides in a care home and can no longer remember or take care of her pennies very well. She used to, and preferred to, live with the bitch’s younger brother, a charming alcoholic who hired people to help care for their ancient mother. 

One of these people was the bossy meddling martyr. The bossy meddling martyr had been pining over the charming alcoholic since they were in high school together, so for over forty years. She was very bossy and very loud and very opinionated and made sure everyone knew that she was the saint who was taking on the brunt of care for both the ancient mother and the charming alcoholic, whose health was also precarious.

When the charming alcoholic could no longer live independently, he chose to return to spend his final days with his estranged wife and son. Imagine the fallout of this for the bossy meddling martyr who had dreams of the charming alcoholic moving in with her in her little house by the sea where she could raise her martyring profile by loving and caring for him until the very end. Such naivety for someone so bossy and opinionated and so sure she was right.

The ancient mother moved into the care facility about six months ago where her older son, a financial wizard and her power of attorney manages her day-to-day affairs. He makes sure her pennies are well taken care of. But he was away when this phone call occurred.

During the phone call, the ancient mother informed the bitch that the bossy meddling martyr had been in to visit her and brought her cakes and cut up strawberries and was so lovely to her. She also said that the bossy meddling martyr had booked a hearing aid appointment for her in two days time and mentioned that the bitch could take her to have that done. 

WTF!!!! The bitch was not happy. Who the hell did the bossy meddling martyr think she was? Making appointments for the ancient mother who is not her mother and not even a member of her family and then asking a family member (the bitch) to deliver the ancient mother to this appointment. The bossy meddling martyr was so far out of line that you couldn’t see the line.

Now those of us who spend time with the ancient mother know that she has a new complaint every week or so and the current complaint is her hearing aids. Because the financial wizard is away, the bitch was going to try to push any hearing aid decisions until his return. Her plan was to take the single alleged non-working hearing aid to the dealer, once she found out who the dealer was, and have it looked at. The point is that the issue was being addressed.

The ancient mother was not happy when the bitch said she couldn’t take her to this appointment because the bitch had a conflicting dentist appointment. Then the ancient mother said she would find someone else to take her; and the bitch had to put a halt to that idea because there was no way that she was going to let the ancient mother go to a hearing aid appointment without a family member present. Someone who could remember the details and control the exchange of money and the amounts of money. Again the ancient mother was very upset.


As you can imagine, the bitch was thoroughly pissed off at that bossy meddling martyr. Shortly after the phone call, the bitch received a messenger message from the bossy meddling martyr informing her of the appointment etc. The bitch went into full bitch mode and ranted and swore and stomped and raised her voice and breathed and wisely got a lot out of her system until she could come up with a response to this message that made a point in a civil manner, or at least as civil as she thought the situation warranted, which meant leaving out most of her thoughts. 

Afterwards the bitch, exhausted from all the drama, dreamed about the calm, boring, content state that she had been enjoying over the past few weeks.

May you all have a calm, boring, content March.

Thank you for reading. 

Photo: Andre Hunter, Usplash

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14 thoughts on “Just When She Thought The Bitchiness Was Waning

  1. We once had a bossy meddling martyr (minus the romantic feelings for my brother) taking care of our father. She basically decided that she was in charge of his household (even having her mail come to my dad’s home). After a few months, she was told her services were no longer needed. Fortunately, unlike your bossy meddling martyr, she was gone for good.

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  2. What a story. Family drama is the worse at its best, let alone when someone else buts in making it the absolute worse. I like your bitchy take on this and am right there beside you rooting you on to new heights of bitchiness. Long may you grumble.

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  3. That sounds very similar indeed to all the flak and trouble I was having when my mother was still at home (which, now she’s gone into a care home, has thankfully ceased!). I had 3 do-gooding women who, very kindly, used to visit my mother. I thought this was great. What I didn’t find so great, however, was that, most days they’d been to see her, they’d then get onto the e-mail group we’d set up and have a rant at me as they thought I wasn’t doing enough or what they thought I should be doing. Then they’d all have a bitch about me (in my full view on the group e-mails). I used to be stressed out most nights about it all. As I read my e-mail not long before bed, this used to give me a very many sleepless nights as I lay fuming about it all! So I know exactly how you feel!

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