Hi my name is Jennifer Stone and I’m proud of my bitchiness. It means that I am a strong individual, and an independent thinker with passionate opinions. It means that I stand up for myself and speak my mind. If you would like more information about my journey from baby to bitch, read my first post. https://stillbitchyafter60.com/2019/06/19/lets-redefine-bitchy-shall-we/

I am married to The Doc, who, before retirement, was a system analyst and computer doctor extraordinaire, Besides wife, some of my other credits include: mother, step mother, entertainment coordinator, no-deadline gardener, terrible maid, and the person who cleans up the puke.

Who I am also comes down to what I have done. So hopefully some of these things can be considered qualifications for writing this blog.

I wrote a tiny book. A short story collection entitled Prerequisites For Sleep, published in 2014. A whopping 155 pages because I am a woman who gets to the point quickly.

Prerequisites for Sleep

Lean more about my book here: http://www.signature-editions.com/index.php/books/single_title/prerequisites_for_sleep

Before that, several of these short stores were published in literary journals. That’s how you work your way up to a collection that totals a whopping 155 pages.

For many years, I was a middle-of-the-road graphic designer. My skills were average because if they had been great or even very good, I would have made some real money. 

I spent some time travelling and teaching graphic design software, which isn’t as romantic as you might think. I still have chilly memories of Edmonton, -40 degree weather, three feet of snow and a car that refused start.

Once, I landed a job as a designer of advertising inflatables. It was the equivalent of sewing beach toys that were inflated by large fans. My favourite was a twenty-five-foot pink elephant that would later make an appearance in one of my short stories.

There were a couple of marketing and communications jobs. And longer ago than that, there were office and secretarial positions that I still credit for teaching me how to use a comma.

Yes, I was a tad restless. Now I am retired and restless so who knows what I may end up writing on these pages. Whatever happens, I hope you enjoy it.