A Year Of Throwing My Thoughts Out Into The World

Today is my Blogiversary. One year ago today I published my first official blog entitled: Let’s redefine bitchy, shall we (https://stillbitchyafter60.com/2019/06/19/lets-redefine-bitchy-shall-we/). This is where I stated my definition of bitchy as a strong woman who is an independent thinker with passionate opinions. This was not intended to only defend my actions. I am not alone on this quest. I am not the only sixty-plus-year-old woman with strong opinions who was raised in an era when women were expected to keep their opinions to themselves. Or the only sixty-plus-year-old women with stories to tell. There are many women like me out there. You know who and where you are. I am just a single voice from my generation.

There are now more than fifty two posts of me either ranting, making an observation or just telling a story as I threw my thoughts out into the world. At times, I would funnel screams through my keyboard just to get something off my chest. There are many rants in last year’s collection. One of my favourites is an early one called: Regarding tea, meat fossil fuels and cow farts (https://stillbitchyafter60.com/2019/07/17/regarding-tea-meat-fossil-fuels-and-cow-farts/). Throughout the year, other rants have covered a wide array of topics from the environment, to consumerism, to the gender bias in health care, to aging responsibly. I can honestly say that I have strong opinions on all these things.

There was a lot of anger in my early rants. Anger that has greatly dissipated over the past year. No worries though, it doesn’t take much to put my thoughts into overdrive so I am sure there will still be more rants in my future. The difference is that the anger diminishes as soon as I hit that publish button. I can’t accurately describe how wonderful it is to have such a release. Just as I can’t describe the delight I feel when sharing a slice-of-life story or an everyday observation. All the credit goes to endorphins.

On the subject of feeling good, yesterday morning, I did yoga outside on my deck for the first time. I don’t make every yoga move in a picture perfect fashion, and there are some moves I can’t do at all. I like to keep things realistic and age appropriate. I can still get distracted as I did by the birds yesterday morning, but my version of yoga has become such an important part of my life. Just like writing my blog posts. The fact that I was relaxed, confident and calm enough to move my practice outside for the summer says a lot about my current mental state. The fact that I have stabilized my neck and shoulder muscles to the point that they are rarely interfering negatively with my daily life and are, in fact, allowing me to do various things that I could not do last year is BIG.

It has been a year of growth for me. I am not the same person I was last year this time. I am stronger both mentally and physically. I am less agitated and more focused. I am sleeping much better and hurting much less. So as I mark my first Blogiversary, I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoy throwing my stories, observations and rants out into the world. I intend to keep doing it because, believe it or not, it appears to be extremely good for me. And hopefully, sometimes, entertaining for you.

Thanks for reading.

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10 thoughts on “A Year Of Throwing My Thoughts Out Into The World

  1. Well, how can it be a whole year already – congratulations to you!

    I look forward to reading more and gaining a peek into what is piquing your interest or pressing your rant button.

    Well done- keep on blogging – please.

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  2. Congratulations on one year already! I love reading your blogs bitchy or not. You’re such a talented writer my friend. So happy to hear you are feeling so well and relaxed. Miss you..look forward to your next story🥂

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  3. Happy Anniversary! I am enjoying you bitchy posts and watching you grow 🙂 Two thoughts for your Anniversary: 1. You are not THAT bitchy, and 2. You are not the only one, nor are you alone in your bitchiness 🙂
    Looking forward for more posts from you!

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  4. Congratulations from me also. I’m a bit older than you are and have found myself to be more opinionated as the decades roll on. I’ve been aware of the changes, most for the better, but on a personal level, I haven’t felt held back.

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