Going Solar

Our new solar panels are up and running and we couldn’t be happier. Polaron made it easy to go solar by walking us through every step of the way. While working with them over the past several months, we were impressed with the quality and professionalism of both the product and the process. What impressed us even more was the glowing recommendation from Nova Scotia Power when they came to do their first inspection. “These guys,” the NS Power representative said, referring to Polaron, “really know what they are doing.” This statement alone assured us that we had made the right decision in choosing Polaron as our solar panel provider.

The results are impressive. On the first full day of sun, we generated over 64 kWh of power. On the second day of full sun we generated over 67 kWh. This is in May when, based on last year’s power bill, we only used about 15 kWh a day. All that extra power gets credited towards a future rainy or snowy day. And the best part of all is that it is green.

That was a recent review of Polaron, which I submitted to various sites. I have to admit that this is an honest review, but I had incentive to do this because they are putting them into a draw where you can win one of 50 brand new EV chargers. This would come in very handy when I take possession my new electric car so I am crossing my fingers.

We also have an addicting app to keep checking just how impressive our power generating is.

Nova Scotia is a busy place for solar panel installations. The government rebate of $5,000 certainly doesn’t hurt. Nor does the interest-free loan from Canada’s Federal Government. To us, it was a win – win situation. We were able to go green without using our own money. Sure we have a monthly loan payment, but it isn’t near the cost of paying for the electricity and oil that we used in the past few years. The fixed loan cost is a few dollars more than our two-line Canadian cellphone bill. The cost of electricity, on the other hand will continue to rise and who knows where the cost of oil is going.

What can I say, we love the warm and fuzzies this gives us. Plus we are extremely happy that we are doing our part to help battle climate change and make the world a better place for our grand children.

Thanks for reading.

18 thoughts on “Going Solar

    1. We think it is amazing. We have 26 panels. I have a friend with 22 panels but our house is larger (3000 sq ft). More heat required in the winter and that future electric car, which shouldn’t take much.

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  1. This is very impressive!! Does this also mean that during a power outage, you would still have power? I’ll have to look into whether our province offers any incentives but it’s good to know the federal government does. Having power during outages would be a selling point for sure. And yes, it makes a lot of sense if you are getting an electric car.

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    1. No unfortunately when the power goes out we don’t have power because it all loops through the grid. However they did tell me that in a few years backup batteries will be available and affordable so we are going the look into that down the road.

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  2. Glad it’s done properly over there. Of course, all our unused power just gets stolen by the National Grid here – they don’t even thank us, never mind credit us! And the only people who get help for the installation costs in Britain are people who refuse to go to work! Everyone who has a job has to pay for their own installations no matter how badly paid they are!

    Some backup/storage batteries are affordable – my 2 Pylontech batteries were only about £900 each which is pretty affordable. I know some of the huge battery stores are around £5000 though 😮

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  3. I think this makes sense in the long run. We have yet to pull the trigger, but I’m seriously considering it. We’ve been running our furnace a ton in the last year, and I like the idea of saving money while going green. Any idea how long it will take you to recoup your investment?

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    1. Saving money while going green was a key factor. As was the interest-free government loan. So we didn’t have to invest out own money to do this. We just make low payments for 13 years. The total cost is about the same as my last car, the 9 year old Subaru Forrester that I am trading in soon.
      I imagine California would have some affordable options for green energy given their stance on environmental issues.

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  4. Wow, this is SO awesome! It sounds like it’s going very well! I’m so glad your government is supportive also. We’re in SE Texas, and really, all new homes and buildings should be solar. BUT…..Houston is still where oil rules. 😦

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      1. I’m sure you are right! However, although the governor and his crew rail against wind energy, Texas produces the most wind energy in the US. Unfortunately, wind only makes up 20% of every used in the state. We can and should do way more!

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