It’s Fixed. It’s Washed. I’m Happy.

Early Monday morning, well early for us retired people, I took my banged-up, duct-taped car in for repairs. Some of you will remember my car. The car that I had backed into the plumber’s van last year causing the plastic bumper to tear. The car that was also hit on that very same bumper by an inconsiderate driver who did not leave a note just a few weeks ago. And the very same car that recently left me curbside when the hatch lift support broke, and I couldn’t shut the hatch.

You may recall that I need this car to stay in shape until September when it is scheduled to act as a trade-in for the new electric Hyundai Kona that I have on order, and that I have been crossing my fingers that it will make it to that point without costing me too much more money. This means driving all summer on my winter tires because my summer tires were shot at the end of last season and trying to ignore how noisy the vehicle gets at highway speed. But I digress…

Four days without a car can be tough in my neighbourhood because we live a semi-rural bedroom community without amenities. Not to mention that sometimes I just need to get out and go. It’s gardening season, there are things to get and things to do, all requiring a vehicle. But, The Doc is terrified that if I take his car, I will end up backing it into a plumber’s van, or something similar. Now tell me, what is more important, my freedom or his car? I already know what his answer is. In the end, I spent some quality time in my garden and walking with my friend Sue, who drove her car to my place so we could, instead of us alternating locations as we usually do. The weather was on my side and I survived without incident. Mostly because I love spending time in my garden, where spring surprises never fail to bring me joy.

On the Sunday before dropping my car at the repair shop, we (mostly The Doc) managed to replace the hatch lift support with one we purchased from Amazon. Who knew that you could get aftermarket car parts on Amazon? Lucky us because there were none to be had locally. Actually, I was ready to pack it in and send the part back; but after a couple of U-tube videos and some maneuvering of said part, it was in. The Doc is a much more patient person than I am. We still have to install the one on the right side because they come in pairs, but that isn’t urgent so we will get to it at some point. The lift now works like new.

This afternoon, when I picked up my 2014 Subaru Forrester, She looked amazing, repaired and clean. Clean is rare for that car because that damn pearl white colour always looks dirty and washing her is not something I get around to doing often. Gotta love when someone else does it for you. Thank you Recon Express! I have to admit that today she looked pretty good for her age. I would venture to say that today she looked beautiful.

Thank you for reading. 

Photos:  Jenn Stone

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20 thoughts on “It’s Fixed. It’s Washed. I’m Happy.

  1. Your car is my car’s more innocent alter ego.
    Yours is white, mine is black… but the same year and model . My Ethel is loaded with all the options available at the time and I’ve loved her well. Since we always tend to take my husband’s vehicle when we go anywhere together, Ethel has a mere 68,000 miles on her and looks marvelous for her age. My other half keeps wanting me to trade her for the new vetsion but I’m not quite ready to say goodbye.

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      1. This is my first Subaru. She has leather, heated seats, nav, satellite radio, panoramic sunroof etc. It’s been a great car, very reliable. 9 years and all I’ve done is brakes and tires.

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  2. Sweet ride, Jenn. I’m an old pro at nursing an old car until I have to take it out behind the barn and shoot it.😊 What, only 225,000 miles? 🤣

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  3. My husband is interested in a Forester, but has yet to do anything more than comment favorably on every one we see. I’m glad yours is back to you, fingers crossed it gets you to the fall.

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    1. This is my second Forrester. They are great cars. I would recommend not purchasing the base model if you do a lot of driving because it is not as comfortable as the seats in a level up. I know because I owned both.

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  4. How old is your car? Mine are usually quite old by the time I have to give them up – my Cortina (which was sold on to be done up as the classic that it was) was over 40 when I sold it, my Sunny made it to 26 and is now retired to the garage (rust) and my Polo, which I class as my new car is 16 now.

    You can buy anything on Amazon really – I’m having to buy a wheel trim for my Polo as someone stole one of mine. As the car is otherwise pristine, it’s really spoiling the look of the car. But they’re VW parts and are £129 !! 😮

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    1. My car is just under 10 years. Too long for my and my bad back to be sitting in the crappy seats it came with. Also Canadian winters can be very hard on cars so unless the vehicle is babied it won’t be around for 40 years.

      I have ordered an electric car with very comfortable seats that should last me a good long time as this vehicle is going to get parked in our garage. I have all summer to inspire my husband to move all the stuff out of the garage to make space for my new car.


      1. I always kept my favourite car in the garage. Of course, now it’s my Sunny (which was always my favourite anyway) but he’s off road. I really need a carport for the Polo. I’ve been trying for years to get one but trying to get work like that done in Britain is really hard! Just no-one wants to do it. I think it’s too small a job or something.

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