Will It Still Make It To September

I am sitting curb side in my car waiting for The Doc to rescue me. I am usually not a woman who requires rescuing.

I am supposed to be delivering library books but after my second delivery the sliding bracket of my rear hatch broke. I tried and I tried to push it back to shorten it and enabled me to close the hatch. No luck. All I got was black greasy hands, and I am thankful that I have a stash of napkins in my glove compartment.

This damn car is supposed to make it to September where it needs to make an appearance as a trade in for my new electric Kona.

It is starting to fall apart. There are rust spots that are growing daily. It needs new bearings in the rear left causing the car to be so noisy that it is not nice to drive.

And to top it off, someone hit it last week when I was in the local mall with my mother. I recently made arrangements to have my bumper fixed after a small issue last spring when I slowly backed into the plumbing van while trying to get out of my driveway. The only positive here is that the hit was before the fix so hopefully the fix will not be more expensive than the original quote.

I am at my wits end because this vehicle needs to make it to at least September and I am beginning to wonder if it will. Right now I am still curb side hoping I will just be able to close the hatch, which can no longer stay up, and get it back home.

This particular car has been jinxed from day one. There us a long list of ridiculous events that have occurred since the purchase of this vehicle in 2014, so September can’t come fast enough. But for now, it is still April and my rescuer has arrived.

14 thoughts on “Will It Still Make It To September

    1. Easier said than done. I live outside of any amenities so basically I need to use it often. There is no transit or grocery store in my community. Even my walking buddy is out of walking range. In the meantime, I won’t be using the hatch anytime soon.

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  1. Sounds like that Ford Ka I’ve got which goes wrong (usually expensively) on a regular basis. I also need that to last until September when I can retire and then won’t need it. But the tailgate struts used to fall off my Nissan Sunny regularly – just about the only fault it had. I could generally bang them back on until a new strut was available and had mastered the skill of opening the door slow enough for the strut to generally not fall off. But whenever Richard opened it, it would fall off again.

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  2. One of my high school buddies had a car where the floor was rusting out. I used to tease him about being like the Flinstones. I tend to be like you and hang onto a vehicle for a long time since they depreciate quickly.

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    1. In this case I may have held on to my car for too long, but I have kept others for longer. My first car was a mini that my brother and his buddy rebuilt. ThE gear shift would sometimes come out of the floor and there were always spare parts rolling around the floor of the back seat. Driving it was always a risky adventure.

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  3. I’m sorry about your car and will be saying a silent prayer for it’s continued, if not good health, tolerable ability to still go forward until September. I hate living with a dodgy vehicle, yet every so often I have had to. Stay safe

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