It’s Official I’m A Senior

Sixty-five. Not really as daunting as some people make it out to be. I have been acting like a senior for the past four and a half years; and in some cases longer, especially when certain age related discounts applied. My time is all mine. I have not been working. I have been getting up and going to bed whenever I want. And I have become devoted to a wonderful assortment of hobbies. But this week I officially became a senior on my annual December me day. No big deal. Just another milestone. Just another day.

Physically, I don’t feel any older than I did at sixty, except possibly for my knees, which ache a little more than they did back then. In reality, I would put my mental age at about fifty. It was somewhere around then when I morphed into the more independent-minded person that I am today. The person who doesn’t give a shit about what people think of her. The one who became more confident and more vocal with her opinions and doesn’t put up with any crap. A person who began to stand up for herself. I happen to like this person a whole lot. She is far from perfect and still second guesses herself and her abilities at times, but she is the best version of me for me.

In honour of this milestone of 65 years of experience, life decided to remind me of a couple previously-learned lessons:

Life Lesson 1 – There is no loyalty

I went to my local Lawtons Drugs, where I have been taking advantage of the weekly 55 Plus discount for ten years. I filled my basket with a lot of stuff, because I hadn’t been there for a couple of months, and took it to the cash. At the cash, I was informed that they no longer honour the age discount unless you also have their new loyalty program card. WTF!!!! 

Anyone who has ever worked in marketing knows that the purpose of these loyalty cards is to track your shopping habits in order to provide the stores with data. It’s also so you can be targeted with ongoing marketing crap. I was so pissed off that I walked out of the store leaving all my stuff at the cash counter. Hello senior year, good bye senior discount. How ironic can things get. 

Lawtons  Drugs is owned by Sobeys Inc., which also happens to be the company who restructured me and 850 others out of our jobs the year after I turned sixty. I had worked for them as a graphic designer for almost ten years. I continued shopping there because they began as local Nova Scotia company and I did understand the business need at the time. But I have no more loyalty to this company, which is now a national corporation. The drugstore prices were only competitive when the discount was applied. I will be taking my business elsewhere. 

Life Lesson 2 –  Never take anything for granted

The birthday plan was to have a relaxing day doing a bit of yoga, practicing piano and decorating the Christmas tree. However the evening before, we discovered water dripping from the ceiling in our downstairs bathroom. If you have been reading my blogs this year, you will be familiar with this bathroom. It was gutted due to a leaking pipe in the wall that caused $50,000 worth of damage to the downstairs level of our house. It is also the newly renovated bathroom where water came through the ceiling light fixture during Hurricane Fiona after the shingles were blown off our roof.

Again, WTF! The roof had just been repaired. And I mean just… it was completed last week. How can the roof still be allowing water into our house? The Doc and I were tossing and turning so much that night that I finally got up and sent the roofer an urgent email. Followed by an urgent phone call at a reasonable time the following morning. Then I climbed the ladder, because my knees are in better shape than The Docs, to take a look in the attic. The attic looked exceptionally dry. WTF! 

Our next step was for The Doc to cut a hole in the already damaged bathroom ceiling to see what we could see. He cut with a knife followed by a small saw, and then the roofers arrived. Upon further investigation, we all discovered another leaky pipe. On the plus side, this was better than an improperly repaired roof.

But really fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! This is beginning to get tiring. Our entire ceiling in the lower level is finished with wallboard and all the hidden pipes are ready to tell us that they have had enough. They want to retire. Why do I feel like there will be no rest until they do? Why do I feel like this three-day headache could last longer? Like everything else that has happened in our house this year, this will turn into a bigger job than expected.

On a positive note, I had a few minutes to relax with a hot chocolate spiked with Baileys that afternoon and The Doc cooked lobster for dinner. All the while my mantra for the entire year looped repeatedly in my head. It could have been worse.

Thank you for reading. 

Photos:   Cristian Escobar, Unsplash

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20 thoughts on “It’s Official I’m A Senior

  1. I’d say there’s nothing worse than leaky roofs (because we have one that refuses to stay fixed) but leaky pipes may be equivalent. Sorry you’re still having to deal with that after those extensive repairs.
    But here’s to another year! Happy birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There is something quite freeing about not caring what other people think about us and our choices. It’s great to go five years and feel virtually the same, except for the knees.

    Sorry about your problems with the house. Being a homeowner can sometimes feel like an endless supply of paying bills to keep things going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is freeing. I am actually healthier now than I was five years ago. Like you, I made taking care of myself a priority.

      As far as the house goes, it is certainly making our lives interesting in an exhausting sort of way. If I didn’t love it and our location so much, I might be convinced to sell.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy birthday – I wish they’d let me retire but I have to work at least another year till I’m 66!

    Can’t believe you’ve been hit by yet another leak – how stressful! Hope this is the last one and is soon fixed.

    Liked by 1 person

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