OMG Did I TRULY Find The One…

Any guys, oops sorry men. (Since it appears to be inappropriate to call women girls these days, I suppose it might be inappropriate to call men guys.) Anyway regular readers of the male persuasion may not want to bother reading this post because it is about a bra. Or you just may because it is about an amazingly comfortable bra and you may want to share it with your wives, girlfriends (oops women friends, I guess, to be politically correct), etc. Personally I have no problem being called a girl. It plays into my youthful exuberance.

Recently I went off to my local Hudson’s Bay Department Store to carry out that dreaded task that is required every couple of years—bra shopping. I hate bra shopping more than I actually hate bras, and believe me, I hate bras. It had been a while, and the entire lingerie department had been moved. Once I found it, I wandered between the racks looking for what I purchased the last time. Not that I loved the bras I had, but I liked them better than the ones I purchased before them. But, of course, they were no longer there so I looked for something similar.

I was not interested in underwire bras. I owned a couple of those torture devices in my younger days, and they mostly languished in the bottom of the drawer only to be suffered through on the rare occasion when certain dresses were worn. I am no longer interested in looking sexy or giving my size A’s a lift.

I was not interested in back-hooking bras because I also find them uncomfortable, especially when I drive but also when I just sit in a chair. No matter how they were attached or cushioned, those hooks irritate my back. Nope. I was looking for bras that pulled on like a t-shirt.

I wear two types of bras, depending on what I am doing or wearing. Scoop neck bras with wide straps and a U-shaped back for more active days and triangle bras when I wear v necks and sleeveless shirts. On this particular day, I was looking for triangle bras because the two I owned looked like the dog chewed them up and spit them out even though I don’t own a dog.

I roamed the lingerie department, going in circles looking for something that just might work or at least something to try on because I need to try the damn things on. Who doesn’t?

Then I saw it. It was labeled TRUE. Unlike my current bras, this bra had no thick elastic at the bottom. The elastic always bothers me, so I was intrigued. There were elastic qualities that seemed to be part of the bra bottom and the neck edge fabric. You could barely see them in the form of dots. The other thing I noticed was that it was constructed of light-weight fabric without bulky hems or folds. And the cup liner was also very light weight. My current bras were made of heavier fabric that often got soaked with sweat on hot days. Plus the liners in those current bras were thicker and very warm. I grabbed a TRUE, size medium and headed to the dressing room.

OMG it was comfortable and smooth and obscured my perky nipples just enough. This particular style had convertible straps that could be easily crossed at the back without any extra pieces. You simply unclip the bottom of each strap, cross them and then reclip the straps. Easy peasy. If you are like me and your straps constantly fall down when you go for walks or because you are a bit crooked (I have scoliosis), this feature is wonderful. If you like to wear sleeveless tops, also like me, and don’t like your straps to show, again like me, this feature is perfect. I currently use small heart-shaped devices that I slip bra straps into to hold them together in the back. They are very handy things, but if I didn’t have to use them, that would make my life even easier.

I left the dressing room, grabbed two more TRUE bras and headed to the cash.

I was so excited about these TRUE bras that I wanted to immediately write a blog about them, but wisely decided to test drive them a bit more first. After wearing the bras off and on for the past few weeks, here is what I discovered:

– They are very comfortable. I believe they are the most comfortable bras I have ever worn.  

– They are cooler than my old triangle bras. The light microfibre fabric makes a huge difference. I can still break out in a sweat when working outside, especially around the middle, but nothing feels soaked.

– They wash just fine. The instructions said hand wash but I put them in my front-load washer because I rarely hand wash unless it is wool. But I did not put them in the dryer. I let them hang to dry.

– The straps fall down on my lower right side just like all straps do. I expected this.

– When converted to a crisscross bra, I sometimes found the straps rode in towards my neck a bit. Since I have a very sensitive neck, as in I don’t ever wear neck jewelry or turtle neck sweaters, and I am currently dealing with some inflammation in my neck and shoulder, it was a bit uncomfortable. Most people wouldn’t have this issue. It is probably a me-only thing. On days such as these, my little heart-shaped device works much better because I can control where the straps meet on my back and where the straps sit on my shoulders. Either way I like these TRUE bras better than anything I have worn in the past.

TRUE bras are not only in my local department store, they can be found at TRUEANDCO.COM.

They have a wide variety of different styles of women’s undergarments with sizes ranging from A to DDD/F. Pardon me, but I really didn’t know there was a DDD/F. I, as a small-boobed woman, was totally unaware of such things and very glad that I was.

All and all, I am pretty impressed with these bras and will shop for the TRUE version of a scoop-neck bra when my current ones start to look like they were chewed up and spit out by my nonexistent dog.

Thank you for reading. 

Photos: Jenn Stone – labels, elastic and strap holders. TRUEANDCO – bra

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10 thoughts on “OMG Did I TRULY Find The One…

  1. I have to say I’d hate to have huge boobs – it would be so inconvenient and uncomfortable! Having said that, although I’m really a B cup, our bra cups here are wrong now and, although my measurements are exactly the same, I now have to buy C cups.

    I’ve always worn wired bras and never noticed the wires unless they break through the material and decide to stick up out of the front of my top (doesn’t seem to happen as much nowadays). I’ve always found them comfortable though.

    I have the strap falling down problem when I’m Scottish Country Dancing so I’ve solved that now by wearing a vest bra – like a long bra I suppose – those straps don’t seem to fall down. I suspect many women have the same problem.

    One problem I wish we had over here was getting too hot though – it’s been bloody freezing all year this year up here (hot down south though) and I’m sick of it already and winter is only just starting!

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    1. Yes huge boobs would be very uncomfortable and hard on the back. I went without wearing a bra for several years when I was younger but went back to wearing one after I had my son. My ideal bra would be one that feels like I am not wearing it.


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