Puddles and Shingles and Imaginary Gods

If I were a believer, I might think I pissed off the gods of karma. As we know, I do have the ability to piss off people and imaginary gods. I have always held a great respect for Mother Nature so there was no way that I could be on her shit list; but if karma exists, I just might be in the throws of some sort of revenge. Maybe.

Why? Because we no sooner received the notice from our insurance company stating that our long and exhausting construction and insurance adventure was officially over, something we were very happy about, when we had to open another claim. Thank you hurricane Fiona and global warming. And possibly the gods of karma.

It involves shingles being ripped off our roof with force and rain coming through the shingle-less areas of the roof to create puddles. This rain, in accumulation, managed to bypass our main floor and somehow travel to the lower level where it escaped through the light fixtures in our newly-repaired bathroom and family room. How? We don’t know. What’s going on between the walls? Again we don’t know. There is little visible damage inside except the light in the bathroom no longer works, and there is a subtle appearance of a few damp ripples in the ceilings.

Maybe it was the insurance gods since the previous repairs were so expensive that they gave us our damage deposit back. Apparently our policy says they have to do that here when the expenses reach a certain dollar value. How expensive? So expensive that the costs were about twice as much as they offered when they wanted to settle. So glad we didn’t settle. Perhaps some administrative god of the insurance world with unusual powers wanted that last deposit back. I really think the increase in our house insurance premiums, evident on our recent renewal statement, was enough to make that point.

What we do know is that we will once again have to deal with men. But actually this time the project manager is a woman so my hopes are high; or should I say were high, we are still waiting for her to show up. I will give her the benefit of the doubt today because it is raining. She would be tempting the gods if she went up on the roof in the rain. The Doc and his buddy performed a temporary fix yesterday with tarps and strapping boards to keep things dry while we wait.

The automotive gods played with us a little and allowed the shingles to make their mark on my car. There are many notable and sizable scratches that may or may not polish out if I ever get around to trying. However, The Doc’s car, which is newer and nicer appears to be unscathed.

On the other hand the power gods favoured us with only twenty hours without electricity. We have been out after storms in the past for over two weeks. Others in the province are still out so I guess I have to thank at least one imaginary deity.

Only time will tell how this new adventure will play out. Putting it into perspective, things could have been so much worse. Based on reading the news and seeing the photos from all around the Atlantic Region, we know that we can actually count ourselves lucky.

Thank you for reading.

Photos: Jenn Stone

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23 thoughts on “Puddles and Shingles and Imaginary Gods

  1. Damn. So sorry the storm wreaked havoc at your house. I am well acquainted with the horror that is a leaking roof. We’ve been fixing ours for three years and it still pops a gasket now and then. Fingers crossed your woman comes through with a big enough settlement to get you back to normal.

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  2. Well, this sucks. One renovation mess over with, another started– and not of your own making. I am glad that you’re talking about roofing shingles and not the viral infection kind. I was worried for a moment.

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  3. I saw in the papers you’d had it bad over there with this latest storm – sorry to hear about the damage. I’d be particularly upset about the car as I love my cars to bits…

    I think the viral infection shingles is only either pain or, in my case, itching and a rash. Nasty for most though…

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