And Finally…

OR Men and Between Men – The Final Chapter

After seven long months filled with workmen and the never-ending gaps of their absence, I finally got to put my family room back together. And what a joy it was to walk down the stairs and see a finished room. I disposed of the old cloth roman blinds and curtains I made over twenty years ago, replacing them with store-bought panels from Home Depot. I had no desire to make new large blinds. I still remember how difficult they were the last time. I replaced a couple of cushions and moved some furniture down from upstairs to put in the places where the piano and large wardrobe that left due to mold once stood.

I unpacked my books. I rethought the placement of our pictures and purchased a couple of local prints that I framed with inexpensive Michael’s Frames. There are still a few details left to finish, but it has all come together so nicely. It looks new and fresh and we are overjoyed to be able to sit on our comfy sofa to watch baseball once again.

I would like to say that we will never have to see the men again but more men must still come to repair the damage to the floors done by some previous men who left some gouges and scratches. Thank heavens that all this is covered by insurance. 

The furniture damaged by the moving and storing process was repaired by a wonderful man who took his work seriously and delivered them to us on the Canada Day Holiday weekend. Everything looks surprisingly good.

Our bathroom was finally finished after waiting three weeks to have a man come to fix the shower doors that were installed incorrectly by another man and therefore weren’t closing properly. The Doc had originally installed them years ago, and I still say that he did a better job than these so-called professionals did.

The new tiles and wallpaper we selected for the bathroom were covered by insurance. The only upgrades we personally covered were a new mirror, vanity top, and light fixture. We still have to install the mirror and our original towel racks, but we will get to that this week. And I will be making a new small blind for this room when I get around to it. The bathroom also looks new and fresh, and we are very happy with it.

What we were not happy with was the whole process. The lack of communication and how haphazard some of the workers were. Not all the workers but a lot of them, enough to leave negative undertones during the experience. We spent a lot of time of waiting for things to be fixed that were damaged or done incorrectly.

I once naively believed that if a professional was going to do a job that they would do it right, because that was my work ethic. I felt my reputation would be on the line. The Doc and I only hire people when a job is too big or too much for our DYI skillset. Between this seven-month repair and a renovation job on our main floor seven years ago, I have to wonder how many professionally-minded people are really out there. 

During this repair, I have written five blogs on various aspects of this adventure. This one will be number six. I hope it is the last, and that I never have to experience or write about anything similar to this ever again. 

Thank you for reading.

Photos:  Jenn Stone

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23 thoughts on “And Finally…

    1. Thanks, the opportunity to make some changes brings out the designer in me. When it comes to skilled trades, I think there there is a shortage in general after years and years of the attitude that all kids should go to university. It may take time to turn that around.

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  1. Everything looks beautiful, Jennifer! I know how frustrating this must have been. Seven months! I’ve come to the conclusion that true professionals are few and far between these days. So glad you now can fully enjoy your home. Cheers!


  2. I bet you’re truly relieved you can now relax and your home is once again looking beautiful and comfortable. It’s really bad how bad workmen are nowadays – their work as well as their not turning up when they say they will.

    I know that years ago, when I used to mechanic my car myself, I did a much better job than most of the garages. It took me longer and I hated doing it but I always did a proper job. I eventually found a good garage – they were especially good as they knew I knew about the work they would be doing and what was and wasn’t a good job!

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  3. It looks terrific. I don’t want to lump all contractors into one bunch because I know many great ones are out there. My two main gripes are the lack of communication and not showing up when they say they’re coming. It shouldn’t be this way, but when they have no shortage of work, customer service doesn’t seem to be as big a priority.

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