Smiles And Chuckles

It’s been a relaxing week. Perhaps because I wasn’t called “Darlin,” by a man less than half my age, or perhaps because there wasn’t a workman insisting he talk to “the man” instead of me. But more likely it is because spring has finally arrived, and I got to go outside and play. I got to ignore all the inside crap. Crap like the fact that, up until this afternoon, there was still a tub on the floor of the lower level bedroom.

Instead it’s been a week to enjoy the little things. Things that bring on smiles and chuckles. It’s so nice to have a week where I am not deep thinking. All these little things have added up nicely so I decided to share them.

Here are some of the things that made me smile:

This tiny yellow Rhododendron that I purchased on Monday while on a field trip with my friend Sue to some Annapolis Valley nurseries. Oh yes Sue also falls into the smile-inducing category. Sometimes the chuckle-inducing category.

Transplants, most of them veggies. Some of them started in my dining room window and others purchased on the above-mentioned field trip. All of the veggies are headed for The Doc’s veggie garden. Seeing The Doc preparing his veggie garden also makes me smile. (Photo above)

Moving the trees, that lived in my dining room all winter long, outside to be planted where we lost several trees last fall. One of these trees is a Weeping Nootka False Cypress that I purchased on sale last November. The other is a blue spruce that a local grocer was selling as a living Christmas tree in December. I am so happy that they survived the winter and can hardly wait to get them in the ground.

Grampies Super Soil and my little red wagon (formally JT’s little red wagon.) The soil is amazing and local. Yes I know that bulk soil is cheaper, but bulk soil has to be purchased in large amounts and then has to be shoveled and pushed with a wheel barrel all over the yard. No thanks. I am a wheel-barrel-challenged wimp. Me and my little red wagon can deliver the bags of Grampies Super Soil to where I need them a whole lot easier.

The fact that my front yard can easily turn into a maple forest. There are hundreds of budding maple keys out there proving the resiliency of Mother Nature. I happen to have a lot of love and respect for Mother Nature. She gets a whole lot of leeway in my garden.

The tacky wind spinner that I purchased to hopefully convince the increasing population of Canada Geese on the lake to not shit on our little beach. It isn’t as tacky as the neighbour’s 1960’s gas-station flags strung all across their shoreline. We get a lot of wind so I am crossing my fingers that it works.

Canadian Vodka with a Blue Jays themed bottle. Imagine how surprised I was to see this when I went to purchase our favourite brand. It only made me love it more.

Fresh-from-the-oven cheese bread that was still warm at my local grocery store bakery. YUM! I already tested it and it’s delicious. Poached eggs on cheese bread for breakfast tomorrow. 

Here are a couple of things that made me chuckle:

When the Bluejays are doing poorly, as they have been for the past week or so, you can still enjoy some of the ads on Sportsnet. Wealth Simple has a whole series of crypto currency ads and although I have no intention in investing in crypto, I have to admit that these are the best ads I have seen in a long time. This one is my favourite. It makes me chuckle every time.

There is also a Duculax soft chews ad where the guy is sitting in the stall singing which is very funny but I can’t find a video of it. Damn.

Other chuckles this week have come from the final episides of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. I will miss that show. And Brian’s Blog Bonnywood manor. Something that often makes me chuckle.

Remember people, it is the little things that count.

Thank you for reading. 

Photos: Jenn Stone

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17 thoughts on “Smiles And Chuckles

  1. That bread looks lush – it will be lovely warmed up with poached eggs on!

    I’m not much of a gardener and quite a lot of my garden ends up being overgrown and wild – not a deliberate thing (it’s too small to have many wild areas) – I’m just always too busy to garden. When I do get time, I’d rather go up the hills!

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    1. Gardening is therapy for me, both physical and mental. I don’t like just sitting outside. Either I garden or I kayak. My gardens are big. There are some wild areas. I figure it will always be an unfinished project.


  2. Aww, thank you for the mention. (Grinning for ear to ear, I am.)

    You’ve actually inspired me to work on the landscaping in our long-neglected backyard. (I used to be extremely dedicated concerning such, spending countless hours toiling in the baking Texas heat as I tended to a myriad of plants scattered hither and yon in quaint, at least to me, little groupings. But then I lost interest and everything went to hell.) Helping matters is that we had a new wooden fence installed at the end of last year, which looks rather nice, and I recently had The Lawn Guy clear out a section of truculent brush that had way outgrown both its parameters and attractiveness. Now there’s some prime real estate fronting said rather-nice fence that is begging for horticultural intervention. We shall see if my inspiration leads to actual action…

    Speaking of crypto, my Finance Guy has been trying to tempt with going back to work part-time in that very field. I have no idea why, unless he has some backroom connection to such a revenue stream. He knows full well that I have no interest in employment of ANY kind unless it becomes absolutely necessary, so why he would posit such a trendy and risky field as an income source is suspect. Anyway, we shall see where THAT mess goes as well…

    Thanks, as always, for putting up with my rambling. As I’ve mentioned before, you manage to hit certain triggers and next thing I know I’m clicking away… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There would be no way in hell that I would survive gardening in the hell of Texas heat. I would be curled up in fetal position in the coolest corner of the house. Luckily our summers aren’t too hot. We do get some humility lately but by that time most of the gardening work is over and kayaking is on my mind.

      Nope I have no interest in working either. I thought of doing some volunteering but it all sounds like work and it all comes with work-like politics so I just can’t commit.

      As far as your rambling goes, it always makes me smile when I inspire a ramble.

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  3. Mmm cheese toast sounds wonderful. Jealous of the yellow rhodie, the only color that thrives up here is pink. I’m afraid I can’t get on board with Blue Jay vodka though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rhodes of all colours do well here in Nova Scotia but I had never seen a yellow one before so I couldn’t resist. I can understand your resistance to the vodka. I wouldn’t be jumping on the bandwagon for Red Sox alcohol either. Except perhaps if it were free.

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  4. I’m with you about buying soil by the bag instead of by the truckload. I know I’m paying more but it’s easier for me to move it around the garden. I’m looking forward to watching the last season of Grace and Frankie. So far I know nothing about where the story is headed and that’s fine by me. I thought of you this week as we began the process of remodeling our bathrooms. I hope to have your patience, Darlin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. We do like simple pleasures. We make a Canadian drink called a Caesar that combines vodka some spices, lime juice,Worcester sauce, Tabasco sauce and Mott’s Clamato juice (a tomato/clam broth concoction). I know it sounds weird but it is very good, if made properly, and very refreshing, especially on a hot day.

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  5. I didn’t even know you could get yellow rhododendrons. The advert is great, but I’m still not sure about the difference between cryptocurrency and the Emperor’s New Clothes. (Open up your wallet, see nothing there, tell the world how great it is . . .).

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