Just In Case You Wanted To know

You may recall The Story of a Carpet, a Coupon and a Sloppy Canadian from a few weeks back; and you may, or may not, be interested in the outcome. If you are, read on:

The sloppy Canadian was doing what she does well, which is spill things, drip liquids, knock things over and basically continue to be sloppy. You will recall that prior to ordering the rug for the living room that hinged on the email coupon which was what the previous story was based on, she had purchased three rugs for her kitchen where she is the sloppiest and has a greater tendency to drop dishes and other things on the floor. Things just slip out of her fingers for no apparent reason other than the fact that she is also a very clumsy Canadian. She has gotten very used to dents in the wooden floor, dents that like to fill with stuff that won’t come out when the floor is washed. The purpose of these kitchen rugs was twofold. One to catch a lot of the sloppy stuff that she notoriously tracks all over the house, and two, to hide the many dirty dents in the high-traffic areas of the kitchen. The low traffic-areas happen to still look like new–new being six years old.

So the day arrived when the sloppy Canadian looked at the rug in front of her kitchen sink and noticed that it was getting a little grungy from constantly being slopped on. It was a day that she was equally looking forward to and dreading because it was the day when she would have to wash the so-called washable rug. Well every one knows that when you get a new sweater that you just absolutely love, you dread washing it because it may never look as good again. And that’s how she was feeling about this rug. But she was also very curious as to whether or not it would live up to it’s washable reputation. It was the main selling point after all. 

These rugs come in two pieces, an underlay and a detachable top that provides the beautiful design of the rug. The sloppy Canadian detached the top layer of the rug and following the washing instructions bundled it, patterned side out, into her washing machine. She turned the machine on, watched the rug spin in the circular window for a short period if time and then walked away. Fifty-five minutes later, she was back in front of the washing machine when the cycle ended. The rug looked just fine and very clean. 

But, just like the sweater, it is the dryer that can do the worst damage. However the instructions did say the rug could go in the dryer so the sloppy Canadian bundled it into the dryer, set the temperature to low and walked away once again. When the tumbling of the dryer was complete, she returned and cautiously opened the dryer door and pulled out the clean rug. The just-like-new, bright and clean rug. She was over the moon. The following week, she washed a second rug with equally impressive results.

There is nothing the sloppy Canadian likes more than a product that lives up to its name. She highly recommends these Ruggable rugs to people like herself who want to make life easy, because what could be easier then being able to toss your rug into the washer.

And in case you are interested in the other rug, the one purchased for the living room with the email offer, it is pictured below. The sloppy Canadian just loves bold washable colours!

Thank you for reading. 

Photos: Jenn Stone

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22 thoughts on “Just In Case You Wanted To know

    1. You are actually the reason I wrote this blog because you had asked if I had washed them in my last rug blog. And rather than just report bad news if they didn’t workout, I thought good news was also in order.


  1. You had me going. I was sure something terrible would happen when it was in the dryer. I also like the bold colors of your rug. You’re all set to do an Infomercial.

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  2. Such satisfactory news! It’s always a delight to find that a product actually performs as hyped. There have been far too many purchases in my own past wherein my emotional needs have not been met, leaving me bereft and sobbing and possibly day-drinking.

    Side note, speaking of sweaters: There’s a tale buried in the Bonnywood Archives concerning teenage days when my then-atrocious sister would snatch my beloved sweaters off the drying line (where they were SUPPOSED to be, letting the wind air them out gently) and hurl them into the tumble dryer on Mega Heat, so they would shrink to her size and I could no longer wear them. I’ll try to dig out this sordid saga for re-sharing…

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