They Want To give Us Money

Now there’s six words I never thought I would be writing down or speaking out loud; but here I am and here they are: they want to give us money. They want our eyes to light up with dollar signs. They want us to jump at the chance to have cash in hand. Who you ask. Our insurance company, that’s who. You know the insurance guy, the guy who said you purchase insurance for peace of mind. The same guy who told us that they wouldn’t cover our claim if there was rot in the subfloor. Well there is no rot in the subfloor and they have to cover the cleanup and reconstruction.

In a conversation with The Doc earlier this week, the insurance guy casually mentioned a cash settlement. He said this after he also mentioned things like supply chain issues, and difficulty scheduling contractors. Things said to frame the situation in his favour because he and his insurance company employer are getting tired of our claim and want to close the book on it… sooner as opposed to later.

My question is, what happened to that peace of mind? What kind of peace of mind does he think we will have if we have to deal with supply issues and contractors ourselves. Does he think we are idiots and will fall for this ploy? We know how much work there is involved. We also know, having lived through a renovation with a crappy contractor, how little clout an older couple such as us would have over someone who is full of shit and in it for the money. Someone who threatens to walk away at any time and leave us high and dry. We know how bad things can go if things don’t go smoothly. We also know how stressful these things can be. I can’t help but wonder how much value the insurance company puts on the added stress.

Apparently we will get an estimate of how much the tear out and rebuild will cost early next week. There will also be further discussions regarding the so called cash settlement. There is a lot of work to do down stairs so this should be very interesting. But once again what about that peace of mind that we supposedly purchased with our insurance.

So thanks, but no thanks, to any cash settlement. Let the qualified people deal with supplies and contractors because we really value our peace of mind even if the insurance company doesn’t.

Thank you for reading. 

Heading Photo by maitree rimthong from Pexels.  All other photos by Jenn Stone

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16 thoughts on “They Want To give Us Money

  1. There was a time when I felt there was no greater hassle than dealing w/ insurance of any kind. Even while working in that industry for over a decade, lol.

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  2. Ugh, insurance companies. Cash settlement can be very lucrative if you have the know-how to deal with it yourself and what the actual cost of the work will be, and of course the nature of the offer. If you don’t, than you will be wise to have them deal with it. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks. We actually did a large amount of the work down there ourselves from hardwood floors and tiles, to bathroom reno, to painting. It took a long time. We do not want to do it again. We had figured our home improvement days were behind us.

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  3. You did the right thing. I can also imagine discovering that the work will cost more than the cash settlement. I’m betting the insurance company would say, “Sorry, but you agreed to a cash settlement.” I’m afraid I don’t have a high opinion of most insurance companies or insurers.

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