Is Yoga Amid Clutter Still Yoga?

Morning yoga usually takes place in the family room, which is sizable and open and has a lot of floor space. Where I can lay out my mat so that I am facing the outdoor view through the large windows and patio door. But as detailed in my previous blog, the family room is out of commission for a while due to a leaky pipe; and with all the chaos, yoga has been neglected. This morning was the morning to get back into a proper routine. 

I managed one session earlier in this week, setting up on the open floor between the kitchen and dining area that also acts as a hall and thoroughfare. I could see outside through the front window. It was a great space, perfect for yoga… or so I thought. A happy thought that continued until the heat pump switched on and started blowing hot air directly at me. The last thing I and my temperature-challenged body needs is hot yoga!

So here I am this morning looking for an alternative yoga location; and the only place with enough, just enough, floor space is my very cluttered, very messy play room. I have written about our messy adults playrooms in the past. The packers, while boxing up the downstairs, referred to The Doc’s room as a hobby room; but I like the more intriguing term adult playroom because it makes people pause and think. About what I don’t really know. It depends on what kind of mind one possesses. 

In my playroom, I roll all the chairs out of the way. I say all because there are three to deal with. The office chair, which I tuck into the desk; a high drafting chair sometimes used for puzzling that I push into the space between another old desk and the drafting table; and another rolling chair that I use for the piano that is normally housed in the family room. This last one gets shoved into the same corner where the recharging vacuum is plugged into the wall. Then I roll out my mat.

Ahhhh time for yoga…

And I try, I really do; but there are so many distractions that I can’t focus. My eyes are darting all over the place. My brain just won’t stop addressing all the things in the room. Here is what my brain was doing while my body was trying to do yoga:

I guess I should break down that puzzle.

I have to figure out what day I am going to drop off mom’s birthday gift.

I really have to find a different place for those battery chargers.

Damn, I still haven’t signed up for online statements with Manual Life.

That dish of shells was supposed to go in the other room.

Don’t forget to pack and mail that book.

My desk is a mess… my desk is always a mess.

I will be so glad when I can move some of this stuff back downstairs.

Needless to say I totally lose my focus and my place in my yoga routine. I can’t remember exactly what I have completed or whether I have done the same thing on both sides as I usually do, so I just do a grand finale and call it a session. But was it really a yoga session? I’m not sure it counts. I roll up my mat and walk out of the room leaving everything behind me. Out of sight, out of mind. I take a deep breath and my brain quiets.

Thank you for reading  

Photos:  Jenn Stone

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15 thoughts on “Is Yoga Amid Clutter Still Yoga?

  1. Doing ANYTHING at Bonnywood involves some degree of clutter. We ran out of closet space and usable hidey-holes years ago, so every single room has some degree of detritus, items that were supposedly temporarily placed there “until we figure things out”. But then the years roll by and, well, you get the picture…

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    1. I try to keep the clutter in the playrooms. I also try to get rid of things but my other half is not so good at that. The problem occurs when the clutter clutters my easily-distracted brain. Then I start to channel George Carlin.

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  2. I’ve spent most of my yoga practicing years doing so in cluttered spaces. In irony of ironies, I finally got a bedroom cleared out, ready to create a yoga sanctuary, when Covid-19 came along and my husband started working from home. Want to guess which room is his office now?

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