Memorable Gifts

By the time we all reach my current age of 64, most of us have received a great many Christmas gifts over the years. From the play dishes sets as little girls to the cap guns as little boys. (Boy I would have liked a cap gun when I was a kid. The dishes didn’t quite do it for me.) Anyway there were games and books and the first watch. Clothes upon becoming teenagers and household stuff as adults. The point is that there was a shitload of stuff received over the years. Most of which we never remember. But some gifts we never forget. Those, given with thought and determination, end up having a permanent place in our memories. The rest of the stuff goes into our brain’s spam folder.

I have been lucky enough to receive many memorable gifts for Christmas over the years. Some so thoughtful that they sometimes made me feel undeserving. After all, I can be a bitch at times. Others so special that I value them immensely. I thought I would share some of these gifts with you.

Memorable Gift #1 – A wooden box/trunk made by my dad and finished by my mom when I was just a teen because I wanted something to put all my fabric and sewing stuff in. It had a lift out tray that is long gone, and a chain to keep the lid from slamming against the wall, which has been broken for years. Eventually it became a toy box after I had JT. It still sits in the bedroom that my grandchildren sleep in.

Memorable Gift #2 – A flight home for Christmas arranged while I was away at university by my friend Gina who, upon realizing I could not afford to go home for Christmas, rallied relatives and friends to chip in and purchase a ticket. It was and still is one of the most thoughtful and amazing gifts I have ever received.

Memorable Gift #3 – The gift of warm and fuzzy from The Doc. When we started dating, I was living in a basement apartment and was often chilly. Something I rarely am these days. He gave me a jar of homemade Irish Cream to warm me on the inside and a pair of thick fuzzy red socks to warm me on the outside. How’s that for thoughtful? The Irish Cream disappeared quite quickly, but those socks lasted for many years.

Memorable Gift #4 – Beautiful words – written by JT when he was little and had to write a certain style of poem as an assignment in school. I was so impressed with his appraisal of our parenting style considering his age. Sometimes tired parents just need to know that they are doing something right. JT gave me a framed copy of his poem as my Christmas gift.

Memorable Gift #5 – Fridges for my ears from The Doc, years after we were married, because I never needed a diamond engagement ring and instead received the Engagement Fridge (a story covered in an earlier blog). I rarely wear jewelry except for these earrings and my wedding ring if I haven’t lost it or forgotten to put it on. Believe me I have been known to lose wedding rings. But I have never lost these ear fridges that JT, aware of the backstory, christened the Christmas morning I opened them.

Memorable Gift #6 – Red Christmas tree lights several years ago from my step son and daughter and law. In particularly my daughter in law who made it her mission to find me red tree lights after several strings of mine, some in use since 1984, had to finally be tossed. I was feeling a bit blue because I couldn’t find replacements locally. It was a gift of a tradition not just lights, and we have continued to enjoy it ever since.

Memorable Gift #7 – A song written by JT in 2018 and delivered on a tiny little portable USB drive and accompanied by the sheet music. He actually wrote one for each of us, delivered on separate drives in separate Christmas bags when the budget was tight, the way it often is for musicians. Knowing that I liked instrumental trumpet, he recorded it for me. JT always puts thought into his gifts. I am so proud to be his mom. Not sure if this will work, but here it is:

Memorable Gift #8 – Panties from The Doc’s sister. This was back in the days when the family used to draw names. Don’t ask me why she decided I needed panties. She certainly didn’t know me well enough to give such a gift. She still doesn’t know me well enough to give such a gift, but she gave it, and I never forgot it. I wonder what thoughts were going through her head when she wrapped it. I wonder how determined she was when she chose them, although they were not sexy. Maybe she just wanted to be memorable. If so, she certainly achieved that objective.  

So there you have it, a mish mash of my memories. You never know, they may remind you of some of your own more memorable gifts.

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading  

Photos:  Jenn Stone

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12 thoughts on “Memorable Gifts

  1. You are blessed with people that care about you. Panties aside, all of these gifts are wonderful and so thoughtful. Well maybe the panties too I guess. I was listening to your son’s beautiful recording while reading this post and I can just imagine how it warmed your heart and how you felt loved! Merry Christmas!

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    1. Thank you. Yeah I am. The panties on the other hand, may have been a regift. It’s the only explanation I can come up with. Something dug up to give to the offbeat sister-in-law you don’t care for… the one your own mother loves. You never know. The Doc’s mom had a real soft spot for me so I am controlling the narrative here. Apparently I am on a roll. Merry Christmas!

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