Mid December

So here we are heading towards the BIG day at full throttle as always; and here I am in my usual December state, which is pretty stress free compared to most people. And why am I so stress free? Because I decided to be, a decision that has worked pretty good for me for many years. Looking around, I have taken stock of the situation today, and here is what I observed:

The tree is up, but that is it. The needles still litter the family room floor. Other household decorations are still in their Rubbermaid totes. Most of those totes are still under the stairs where they are stored all the rest of the year. Less and less of them come out every year.

There is enough dust on surfaces to write Christmas greetings in. Hmmmmm I really can’t remember the last time I dusted. It has been weeks so I guess I need to do a bit of that before I pull out the rest of those Rubbermaid totes.

I don’t know WTF is all over the floor. I think it was washed the last time I dusted. I have ordered a couple of washable rugs to catch some of this crap in the future.

The first birthday is over. If you have followed me for a couple of years you will know that between December 15 and 31, we celebrate three birthdays and Christmas in our house. And because my mother made me clean kitchen cupboards on my 16th birthday, and because those cupboards and the rest of the damn house had to be spotless for Christmas, relaxing enjoyable birthdays with good food take precedent in my world. No cleaning required.

The first pot of mulled wine sits almost empty on the stove. This is one of my favourite traditions and I refuse to wait until the BIG day before I get to drink it. If you really want to get rid of some stress, have a delicious mug of mulled wine. It will make your cheeks rosy and your smile big.

I haven’t been near the mall in a month. Then again that’s not unusual as I only go there a few times a year. I have a grand total of four gifts to wrap as everyone else receives and enjoys cash. No returns necessary. And better yet, no shopping necessary. Did I mention that I hate shopping? Did I mention how stressful the mall can be in December?

There is a constantly refilled homemade-shortbread-cookie container on the counter. Part of our diet starting December 1st. The last batch came out of the oven today. Nothing fancy. Pressed into a pan, pricked with a fork and cut into wedges when still warm. No icing needed. The longer they sit, the better they taste. This last batch is reserved for late next week.

While others get muffin-tops. I develop a shortbread-roll, which is why I immediately changed to a looser top after this picture was taken. I, like most women my age, have rolls. Heck I had rolls in my never-toned midriff when I was a 95 pound teen. They just become more prominent during shortbread season.

Plus, I have also gone a little nutty and splurged on bulk cashews to augment my shortbread roll; and boy are they tasty. My usually healthy eating habits run amok this time of year. There will be a lot of gut-inspired walking in the new year. Damn good thing I have Sue to walk with and boots with cleats.

So that is the current state of affairs. There are things still to do. Some of them will get done and some of them won’t. But it doesn’t matter because the BIG day will arrive one way or the other. And when it does, we will eat some more good food and drink more mulled wine and have, if things continue to go the way they usually do, a nice stress-free Christmas. 

Happy holidays and thank you for reading  

Photos:  Jenn Stone

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23 thoughts on “Mid December

      1. Yes, we will be staying in Colorado until just after Christmas. The daughter that got away will get some parents time, and the hostages will get to spend Christmas alone in their new house 🙂 We’ll make it up to them on Greek Christmas. Not that we’ are greek, but it works.

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  1. I have a fairly quiet Christmas and only 2 presents to buy! I don’t have to give out any money either – those 2 people are my only present commitments. Actually, I lie, we do a Secret Santa where I now work so that’s one other present, sorry.

    I do do a lot of Christmas Cards though as that’s the only time I keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances – it’s great – I write and tell them what’s been happening my end all year and they write and say what’s been happening their end – usually pretty interesting.

    I never dust either if I can help it. I hate dusting – any ornaments are annoying as they all have to be moved and I do have some ornaments even though I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum. My kitchen and bathroom are always spotless though – I don’t mind doing hard floors and shiny non-wood surfaces.

    The shortbreads look good – I love shortbread. It’s pretty easy to make too but I never do as I’d eat the whole tray straight off! Haven’t tried the salted cashews even though we sell them in the shop. Must give them a try…

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  2. We gave up gift giving a few years back and I can’t honestly say I miss it. That shouldn’t be the focus of the season anyway.
    I was drooling over your shortbread and lobster…. but please. Less water in the pot next time. You want to steam, not boil.

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  3. I feel the same way as you about shopping. I dislike it all year round—not just around Christmas. Good for you in not getting stressed out around the holidays. There’s already enough of that going around.

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  4. Those lobsters are my fav. and I hope you are celebrating your birthdays in December. We usually give money to our grandkids and they love to buy what they want. But we stopped using real Spruce Trees a long time ago and now we use an artificial tree. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthdays.

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    1. Thank you. We give money to both the kids and grandkids. It is so much easier and everyone is happy. We celebrate all the birthdays and make them special. No one’s special day gets overshadowed by Christmas. December is quite an enjoyable month in our house.


  5. I don’t stress over these winter holidays either. What happens, happens, I say sounding very zen. I rather like December. I agree about the stress-reducing impact of mulled wine. Glad I found you [or you found me?] this year. Happy Holidays to you and yours

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