This Is Creepy

I think I am being stalked.

The same guy keeps showing up in my followers only with a different gmail account. I would like to think it was because he really likes my writing but I have my doubts.

36 thoughts on “This Is Creepy

  1. Weird stuff like this occasionally happens to me too. I kept getting a daily email from a guy who supposedly liked the same post for about two months. I ignored it for a long time, but it was bugging me. I tried to block him after a while (my inbox is full enough already), but it kept happening. Finally, I stopped getting it. I wondered if it was a bot of some kind. I’ve never seen this one, though.

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  2. I recognize the scribbling dad, but not the other ones. I only reciprocate with a follower after we’ve had a handful of back and forth comments on more than just one of my posts. At that point, I am assuming they are legitimate. I also follow someone who has been recommended to me by someone I currently follow…

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      1. About a month ago when checking my “insights and stats” I noticed the same two countries coming up way too many times so I figured it was a bot. I changed my password and it went away. I like to think I have legitimate followers that don’t skew the statistics.

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  3. he’s on my follower list too, but I don’t mind — I figure he increases my follower count, which I think is good for SEO. btw, if want to approach him, google his name, he’s got a youtube account

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    1. I’m not really worried and doubt that all these follows are by a real person. Too many times over the last couple of months with too many different gmail accounts. I’m not really about the numbers. I would prefer followers to be real and sincere.

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