A Little Bit Of Magic And A Whole Lot Of Talent

Just outside of Liverpool Nova Scotia in Brooklyn there is a small unassuming garden center called Cosbys. Cosbys isn’t big and isn’t modern, but it is the home of a unique and wonderful garden. A sculpture garden that showcases some of the creations of artist and garden center owner, Ivan Higgins. If you didn’t know it was there, you would drive by and miss the magic of Ivan’s imagination and the awe-inspiring power of his talent. His beautiful creations are made from wire and concrete and are appropriately called Concrete Creations. You can read more about his work at https://www.concretecreations.info/

We had been to the gardens before but wanted to share it with JT so we day tripped down the South Shore of Nova Scotia this week in order to take him. And it didn’t disappoint, him or us.

Statues, some fantasy based, like dragons and a castle and a horned creature in shorts; and others so realistic, right down to the details of jeans and the treads of running shoes, are positioned in the woods and gardens as you walk the paths.

Some peek out from behind trees, others lounge between rocks, and some run up ridges. Many are in poses representing movement or gymnastic feats. The rendering of cloth, muscles and facial expressions is so real they feel familiar.

The plants, strategically placed along the route are also beautiful, but are secondary to the main attraction of the sculptures. They are arranged with thought, by an artist who wants to accessorize his creations.

The garden is a labour of love and a slow work in progress. There are unfinished paths and plant beds. There are tangled roots in torn dirt. It is one of those gardens that will never be finished because the creative mind behind it will constantly have new ideas. It is a place that we will return to every few years just to see how it is progressing.

Thank you for reading.

Photos:  Jenn Stone

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19 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Magic And A Whole Lot Of Talent

  1. I’ve been to Canada three times, but never to Nova Scotia. These sculptures are terrific. If I ever make it there. I would definitely take the time to see them.

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