Random Questions I Feel A Need To Ask

My brain works in mysterious ways. Something like that guy who is so popular on Sundays. I, however, am not always that serious and very far from popular. I am much more realistic though because I am a non-fiction, tangible character. Some of the things I ponder may not change the world, but they would change my world. Most of them are not worthy of their own blog so I have decided to give them all a joint space. I am in the mood to spew. What follows is a list of questions that I have asked myself and have yet to find answers for. Feel free to respond to any or all of them to help me with my quest.

At what age can I get away with wearing shorts, crop pants or skirts with my legs covered in three-quarter-inch dark hair? Really, I need to know this. With my luck, it won’t be before they all turn grey. Does leg hair turn grey? On a positive note, grey leg hair may be less conspicuous. Or perhaps the grey hair would shimmer like silver in the summer sun and I would glow like a non-fictional, earth-anchored angel. You know this is wishful thinking, right. No one would ever consider me angel material.

What percentage of men know how to wring out a dishcloth? And where are they located? No I don’t plan to trade for one. I just want to know if they exist. I am a curious, as well as a very sarcastic person. My apologies to any men I may offend with this question.

Why hasn’t someone invented a self-cleaning toilet? One would think that this would be a top priority in today’s modern world. However, in order to for me to purchase such a toilet, it has to work better then a self-cleaning oven. I waited years for a self cleaning oven only to discover that it doesn’t clean the racks or the window. Cleaning the racks are the worst part of cleaning the oven. It’s like inventing a self-cleaning toilet that didn’t actually clean the bowel. Also this toilet needs to be environmentally friendly, which might be what is holding up this invention process. Going green isn’t cheap and the almighty buck is very precious to most businesses interested in mass production. Apparently, a lot more precious than the environment.

What the heck is going on with the Republicans in the U.S.? For some reason they are still attracted to Trump. Obviously too many old rich narrow-minded white guys are in charge of this party. This is scary, even for Canadians.

Why do people still purchase cleaning supplies with strong smells and/or pictures of skeletons on the labels and/or the ability to dissolve plastic? Don’t they know that toxic clean is an oxymoron? Are they so gullible that they still believe all those advertisements about things needing to be sparkling clean? Are they still thinking like 1950’s housewives?

And speaking of clean… Why doesn’t the dust factory shut down for a week after I clean? Who or what controls this manufacturing process. You can’t tell me that The Doc and I are shedding that much skin all the time. Especially in the non-traffic guest room. A dust factory shutdown of one week out of six or eight would be good for morale. Mine especially.

Why am I more pissed off because I missed the caper than at the fact that a beaver chewed down and absconded with two of the three main branches of my 8-foot Dappling Willow? I would have liked to have seen how the bugger dragged its heavy tail across the waterside deck, up the gravel and timber stepped path to the top level of my garden only to drag a chewed-off branch down the way he came. TWICE! Maybe there were two beavers pulling the heist. Maybe I could have convinced them to take a dying spruce or an infested birch instead.Whatever went down, it would have been something to see, kind of like attending our very own live nature documentary. Then I could have devoted an entire blog to the event.

What are the parents thinking? The parents of those university students who gathered, partied, were ticketed and then flaunted all these facts on social media. Are they embarrassed that their once cute little offspring would do such a thing? Are they embarrassed because they didn’t teach their kids some respect for rules or consideration for others? Are they embarrassed that they are rich enough that their kids thought that a $1,000 fine was no big deal and was actually worth it? I sure would be. But alas, even with the now doubling of the COVID gathering fine, some students continue to be assholes. And unfortunately assholes like that graduate into people like Donald Trump.

I know there is no rhyme or reason to this post, and some questions are much more serious than others; but it did allow me to get some things off my chest. I promise to never mention men and dishcloths in the same sentence again.

Thank you for reading.

Photo: Jenn Stone – The Beaver Caper

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23 thoughts on “Random Questions I Feel A Need To Ask

  1. I was trying to ponder all of your questions, but then my wife called me into the other room to give me dishcloth lessons.🤣🤣🤣 No, that is actually one skill I have mastered. By the way, I clean toilets occasionally, too, when I’m really desperate.

    I’m afraid I’ve got some of the same questions you do about those who complain about how their rights are being violated and then go out and do stupid crap so we can drag the pandemic out even longer. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo that over 3,000,000 people have died worldwide.

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  2. All great questions! Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear people’s answers to them? I’ll toss out my opinion on two. Flaunt those shorts, skirts and capris — even with long leg hair — freedom and maybe the start of something new! Since you asked, I would hazard a guess that the percentage of men who wring out the dishcloth is close to zero! Now I’m off to ponder your remaining questions and some of my own! Have a great day! 🙂

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  3. I’m married. I always assumed our toilet was self-cleaning. We use sponge scourers and throw them out when they become insanitary, so no dishcloths. Yes, I know I’m probably responsible for killing the environment, but a dozen foam scourers a year compared to the foreign holidays other people seem to find essential isn’t really a big carbon footprint. All young people are idiots until about 24, despite good parenting, that’s official. After 24 they behave like that because their parents are assholes. That’s life. No point worrying. With luck, darwinism will sort out a good proportion of the people who behave badly. Hairy legs? I can honestly say it’s not a factor I think about. Again, let someone else worry about it. I have a beard because I’m too lazy to shave, life is certainly too precious to waste time on shaving legs.

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    1. Ha ha. Thanks for all the great answers. I love the fact that you actually answered because the majority didn’t. You are right that most young people are idiots until 24. I have to say most because I do know a few who weren’t. And I agree that life is too precious to waste time on the legs. They rarely get done.

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  4. On the leg thing if anyone is close enough to see them they are too close.
    As for the beavers that just reminded me of our squirrels that dig up all my pot plants but when I had a pot that needed weeding I planted peanuts in it but they refused to dig in that pot preferring the pots with plants or seedlings but no nuts. To me that’s just nuts. We also don’t use dishcloths.
    One question I have been pondering is all the politicians that have taken to elbow bumps in place of shaking hands. They have to be closer together to bump elbows. Why do they have to have a physical contact anyway while we are socially distancing?

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    1. Thanks for responding. I agree on the legs. If they are that close, I can kick them. Sounds like your squirrels are nuts. And what a great question about elbow bumps. Makes you wonder how many other things they didn’t think through.


  5. Strangely, after a few years of plucking my eyebrows and shaving my (lower) legs, I found the hair no longer came back – not sure if that’s normal or not though…

    Had to laugh at the ‘dust factory’ comment – that always annoys me that I (eventually) take the time to hoover and dust (my 2 most hated household tasks – I’d rather clean the toilet – at least you don’t have to move loads of stuff about) and the dust comes back almost the next day! grrr!

    You’re spot on about the toxic cleaning too – I’ve never really used ‘products’ for my cleaning – I prefer elbow grease and a clean cloth or scrubber – usually works for most things and is good exercise. I might use vinegar or bicarb soda occasionally but mostly don’t bother.

    And the people who won’t obey the COVID rules really, really annoy me – I work in a shop and it gets quite scary sometimes the people who just won’t take any precautions.

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    1. I wish the hair would stop coming back. On a positive note, my skin is the type that the many freckles and moles help camouflage the stubble when I am lazy. I have never waxed but have heard that the hair eventually stops coming back. I don’t plan to start waxing now.


      1. I honestly prefer waxing – it’s just so quick and it isn’t really painful as you pull it off so quick. With the wax strips they have nowadays (and in my day too), there’s no mess either. You just peel the backing off, smooth it along your leg, and then whip it off.

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