Bending The Photo Challenge Rules

You didn’t think I would play by the rules… Did you?

I was nominated by Margie from Back Roads and Other Stories to participate in the 10 travel photo challenge. Now I really like Margie. These days I live vicariously through her blogs. You should check them out. Plus she is an avid follower of my blog and is very good for my ego. Margie is why I decided to do this; and since Margie was up front about straying from the rules, I figured I could get away with it too.  

What you need to know, however, is that I do not write a travel blog. I write a bitchy blog that often contains a lot of sarcasm and ranting. I don’t think I could post ten separate nice pictures in ten separate blog posts without having withdrawal symptoms. There has to be a bitchy paragraph attached. There really does. 

I also can’t nominate others to do this, namely because, as a bitch, I have very few friends and followers. Plus the whole process sort of reminds me of all the chain letters that made the rounds in the 70’s. You remember the ones where you were supposed to write out a recipe and send it to ten other people and you would get enough recipes to fill a book in return. Or was it put money in ten envelopes and eventually you would be rich. Either way, I didn’t participate. 

All this bitchiness doesn’t mean that I am not going to offer up some photos. I am just offering them up on my terms. Below are my ten different photos. And like Margie, I am identifying them because what is the point of seeing an interesting photo if it doesn’t create a desire to visit the location.  

Thanks for thinking of me Margie.


Corner of  Ashbury and Haight, San Franscisco

Bernkastel, Germany

The Ocean Floor, Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia 

Sacré-Cœur, Paris

Acadian Cottage, Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Nova Scotia

On the river near Enkirch, Germany

Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

Circle B Bar Reserve, Florida

Lennon Wall, Prauge

Shoe Store in German Village

Photos: Jenn Stone

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8 thoughts on “Bending The Photo Challenge Rules

  1. I feel like I’m getting the best of this deal. I’ll just follow Margie around and meet interesting people. That’s way more fun than posting my boring photos.

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