Freedom Cometh – The End Of Quarantine

Today is the last day of your 14-day self-isolation. Starting on 28 October 2020, you can leave isolation and visit public places. Thank you for taking care of your health and the health of other Nova Scotians while you were isolating.

This is the email we received this morning. Notice they did not refer to the situation as quarantine, which it actually was, but no matter it will be over tomorrow. The Doc and I did great in quarantine. We slept late, ate well and kept busy.

In addition to kayaking, blog writing and some household chores, I personally worked on two 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles and decided, on the spur of a moment, to dig up a large section of our front lawn. This unplanned quarantine project occupied me for several days.

It all started when I went out to pull some weeds around the new boxwood hedge I planted in the spring. Our yard is basically overrun with weeds. We tend to give nature a lot of freedom. We live with wild strawberries, dandelions, plantain, yellow clover and hundreds of other natural plants that call our yard/lawn home. As a person with a soft spot for the environment, I have no problem with these. But what I do have a problem with, is the fact that Creeping Charlie is now taking over and choking out everything. And I mean everything. I went to pull some away from the hedge and noticed that it was rolling back like sod. We have been watching Charlie grow here for years, but no more I decided. I immediately got my trug and square-bottomed gardening spade and began to dig him up by sliding the spade flatly underneath the roots while on my knees and then lifting upwards. A few hours later and I had dug up about 8-square feet. Several days later, with a final push of help from The Doc, we had dug up a total of about 300-square-Charlie-covered feet. Now that’s what I call a successful, if not slightly insane, quarantine project. We now have our sights set on the Charlie-covered areas of our back yard, but that will be a project for another year or another quarantine.

With Charlie dug up and black landscape covering on order to blanket and destroy any remaining Charlie roots over the next six months, we are now looking forward to freedom or at least the freedom to gear up in our masks and go to public places.

Where to go? Where to go?

The Doc is talking about squeezing in a couple of days fishing before the end of the season, but I have no immediate plans. I have plans for the end of the week and plans for next week, and plans that I plan to put into motion in the next couple of days. Things like: walking with a friend, having tea with a friend, having brunch with a friend and eating take-out burritos. But I have nothing big on my schedule for tomorrow.

Instead I plan to put on a nice pair of jeans, wear makeup for the first time in over two weeks, dig out a mask and head to Home Depot. I am looking forward to buying a new spray mop. Not necessarily looking forward to using the mop, but my mop broke just before our trip outside the Atlantic bubble so I need a new one. What I should clarify is: that I am actually looking forward to the opportunity to freely roam the wide aisles of Home Depot at my leisure, taking in nuts and bolts and tiles and cupboards and appliances and timber and all the other things I don’t need and have no plans to buy but now have the freedom to peruse. Then I am going to the grocery store to restock after eating well for two weeks where I will again roam the aisles and browse through whatever they have to offer just because I can. Who would have thought that I would miss going to the grocery store.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this, feel free to share.

Photo by Jenn Stone

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