Now Is Not The Time To Be Overly Social

Photo by Tyler Callahan on Unsplash.

A few days ago, my friend Gina and I went to a movie and then out for dinner. When we met in the almost empty parking lot of the movie theatre, I mentioned that this would probably be our last social engagement for a while. There were four people in total watching the movie, The Invisible Man, which seemed to be extremely loud. Maybe because there weren’t enough bodies in the seats to absorb the sound …just a thought.

Although there hasn’t been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in my home province of Nova Scotia yet, everyone is taking precautions. Some people are even engaging in the basically-useless activity of stocking up on toilet paper, but mostly things are relatively calm here. Everyone knows that it is only a matter of time before COVID-19 reaches our area. Both neighbouring provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island now have confirmed cases. As a precaution, many things are being cancelled and justifiably so. The objective is to minimize the number of cases when it finally arrives and to not overload our healthcare system. In other words to keep it contained and manageable. This sounds prudent to me.

Right now I have never been more proud to be Canadian after seeing how our leaders have been dealing with this crisis. I am proud of the fact that they are staying calm and being proactive rather than reactive. I am proud of the fact that our Prime Minister chose to self isolate even before his wife tested positive and although he was not displaying any symptoms. I am especially proud of the way our leaders are being honest and keeping us informed.

If self isolation is what will get us through this, we need suck it up and do it. As an introvert, I often self isolate by choice, so I am used to the concept. However, there is the matter of staying sane. In my case, staying sane while not attending the play that has been cancelled, while not watching baseball games that are now postponed, and while not singing weekly in the chorus I joined, which has also been cancelled. So I have thought this through. I have prepared, and my recently-discovered addiction (see my last blog ) will be the thing that will keep me sane. Arriving on Tuesday is a drafting-style table that raises to the height of 46 inches with a top that tilts. Stacked in the corner of my office are three jigsaw puzzles that I can hardly wait to open and spread out on this new table, which should allow me to satisfy my addiction free of shoulder and neck pain. This will keep me sane. This and a few bottles of red wine. 

Don’t panic people, stay calm, use common sense, figure out what will keep you sane and wash your hands.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Now Is Not The Time To Be Overly Social

  1. Well said!
    Keep well, friends.
    We hope to see you folks when life as we knew it is back.

    Although, at our ages, we are in one of the vulnerable groups we are lucky that we are retired and reasonably good health. We can choose what we will be able to do. We have lots of house projects, knitting and sewing projects, music and books, many places to go hiking in the fresh air. The little garden is beckoning and I am looking forward to getting out in it once the weather warms up.
    We have two things hanging over our heads – two of our dear friends (from Florida and live here for half the year) are in the Queen Victoria circumnavigating South America. All are well on the ship but the other day they were refused berthing at Cartagena, Colombia, so they moved on. They are due to land in Fort Lauderdale on March 17th. Who knows what they will experience. Louis is 65 and in good health but Bob is in his late 70s and has a heart condition. They just want to get the heck off the boat and up here to their home in Shelburne.
    The second thing will just take some patience. We left the boat in Virginia last month and flew home with return tickets for May 18th to rebord the boat and sail her home. That manoeuvre is now under a big cloud of “how the heck will we get her back”. Anyway – like I said all we can do is have patience.

    Keep well and big virtual hugs

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts


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